We are delighted to launch the third Summer Music in City Churches festival, which will take place from 17th to 26th June 2021.

Celebrating the longed-for return of live concerts after a year and more of pandemic and lockdown, our theme this year will be SUNSHINE AFTER RAIN and we are looking forward to a week and a half of music to lift the spirits.


Summer Music in City Churches is a fledgling festival, founded in 2018, presenting beautiful music to engage, divert and inspire, in ancient and architecturally stunning churches in London's Square Mile. Standing cheek by jowl with City offices, these churches are glorious settings in which to listen and reflect: oases of history, beauty and peace amidst the 24-7 hurly-burly of City life.

Exceptionally in 2021, for coronavirus-related reasons, concerts will be presented in just two churches. We look forward to returning to the others as soon as possible.

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Artistic Directors: Jenny Robinson & Ian Maclay

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